Marc Randall Fry - Chief Executive officer
Mr. Fry is a diligent results oriented executive with experience as a top line decision maker, seasoned beyond his years.  Marc Randall maintains a focus on the strategic purpose, culture and values of the organization, while resolute to success on the bottom line.   Marc Randall’s history includes senior level responsibilities throughout the organization including CEO, President, COO, and VP Operations in multinational food and beverage centered companies, both public and private.

Mike A Silverman - Chairman
Birgir Vidar Halldorsson
 - Founder, CEO
Halldor Vidar Halldorsson - Medium Bulk
Olafur Audunsson - Key Account Manager
Gudrun Yr Birgisdottir
 - Human Resources

Andrew Gonsky - Manager IT

Dr. Paul Clayton
Dr. Dorian Dugmore
Dr. Hilary Rodrigues